We spend a lot of time on education at Jane Street. Like, really a lot.

We have an OCaml Bootcamp for new traders, classes for new non-traders to learn about trading, a class to teach traders and researchers how to use Python effectively, a cycle of more advanced classes for full-time devs in their first year, classes aimed at interns, classes for potential hires. The list goes on.

All of that teaching is done by people here as a kind of add-on to their ordinary work. What we don’t have is someone who comes in with deep experience as an educator, and whose career is focused on education. And that’s the spot we’re looking to fill.

We’re still figuring out how the role should work, but there are some things we know.

  • We want someone who is a skilled, effective, and experienced teacher.

  • The job demands an understanding of our technology stack, which means that that person needs to spend a material slice of their time working with it. That means we want someone who is good at and excited about building software, and happy to spend a significant fraction of the time writing code.

  • Part of the job is going to be directly teaching and developing curricula. But an equally important part is helping other people involved in teaching grow their skills, so we want someone who is good at mentoring other budding teachers.

We’re excited to talk to people who have experience teaching CS topics in a university setting, as well as people who have spent time teaching technical topics in industrial settings.

You can apply here, where you can see the official job description as well.