As our Tools & Compilers team has grown, the kinds of projects we work on has become more ambitious. Here are some of the major things we’re currently working on:

  • Unboxed types
  • Feedback-directed optimization
  • Typed algebraic effects
  • Design of IRs for inlining and optimization

And we’re considering future work on:

  • Modular implicits
  • Macros and staging
  • Rust-style ownership
  • Supporting inductive families in the module system

All of these involve interesting, research-level questions, and they’re all things that we think could make for important, practical improvements to the utility of OCaml, both for our uses, and more generally.

We’re really excited about making OCaml an ever more practical and beautiful language. To help us tackle these more ambitious projects, we are looking to hire people with a background in programming language research and development.

If that sounds exciting to you, you can apply here; look for the “compiler engineer” roles!