In the last few years, we’ve spent more and more effort working on developer tools, to the point where we now have a tools-and-compilers group devoted to the area, for which we’re actively hiring.

The group builds software supporting around 200 developers, sysadmins and traders on an OCaml codebase running into millions of lines of code. This codebase provides the foundation for the firm’s business of trading on financial markets around the world.

Software that the group develops, much of which is written in-house, includes:

  • build, continuous integration and code review systems;
  • preprocessors and core libraries;
  • editor enhancements and integration.

The group also devotes significant time to working on the OCaml compiler itself, often in collaboration with external parties, with work being released as open source. Recent work includes work on the Flambda optimization framework and the Spacetime memory profiler.

Candidates need to be familiar with a statically typed functional language and possess some amount of experience (within industry or otherwise) in this kind of infrastructure.

We’re looking for candidates for both our New York and London office. Benefits and compensation are highly competitive.

If you are interested, please email with a CV and cover letter.