It might be surprising to hear that there are a significant number of OCaml users in Japan, but it is true. OCaml has been used in programming courses of several major Japanese universities for several years. There are three published books about OCaml in Japanese, and you can easily get them at large book stores.

Some of us enjoy discussing OCaml programming in our blogs and net chats every day … mainly in Japanese. Probably that is why you might never have heard about the far east OCaml riders.

Actually, apart from the handful OCaml programmers working in Jane Street Tokyo, we ourselves have no clear idea how many we are. Far away from all the interesting OCaml events held so far, we have had no chance to meet together.

Ok, then, let’s have our own meeting, in Japan. We have planned our local meeting, OCaml Meeting 2009 in Tokyo on 8/30, and announced it recently. Jane Street has accepted to be one of our sponsors. European meeting organizers has kindly permitted use the same name for our meeting.

Even though the program is not yet announced completely, we have already 80 possible participants, which forced us to stop the CFP currently. Yes, I am sorry but it may be too late for you to participate. But we plan recording talks and make them public, and if possible make them available live. Probably a nice occasion to see something familiar to you spoken in a strange Asian langauge!