Jane Street is looking to hire an engineer with experience in both software and hardware design to work on FPGA-based applications, and on tools for creating such applications.

We’re big believers in the ability of tools to make programming faster, more pleasant, and more reliable. We think the same is true for hardware design, and we’re looking for people with real-world experience in hardware design who are interested in using programming language technology to improve the process of designing, testing and validating hardware designs.

This role involves working on the ground-up design and implementation of new FPGA applications, as well as helping extend and refine the high-level synthesis and testing tools that we use internally, based on the HardCaml synthesis library for OCaml.

You don’t need experience with OCaml in particular, or any experience in the financial markets, but we do want people who can approach hardware design with a software engineering mindset. A good background with some typed functional language and experience with using FPGAs in the context of Ethernet networking are both pluses.

We’re also especially (but not exclusively) interested in people who have experience in other high-level synthesis tools like Chisel, Lava, and Bluespec.

You can apply here.