CUFP is a yearly workshop for commercial users of functional programming. CUFP is aimed not just at industrial uses, but really at any uses of functional programming that are aimed at solving some pragmatic problem.

The workshop is co-located with ICFP, which is in Baltimore this year, and the scope of the workshop is bigger than usual. It spans two days rather than one, and in additional to the traditional talks, we will include a collection of invited tutorials and some Birds-of-a-Feather sessions as part of the schedule. Right now, we’re actively soliciting proposals for talks. The talks themselves are meant to fall into two formats:

experience reports, which are shorter (25 minute) talks recounting people’s experience (successful or not!) using functional programming languages in a pragmatic setting; and technical talks, longer (30-45 min) presentations covering a technical technique or methodology, based on real-world experience with FP.

So, if you have experience using a functional language in anger, consider sending in a proposal. You can email directly to me at yminsky at janestreet dot com. You can find the call for presentations here. The deadline is June 15th.

Also, check out the new CUFP website, which among other things has videos of previous year’s presentations.