I’m on the program committee for CUFP this year, so I’m a bit biased, but I feel very good about this year’s program. For the first time, CUFP will be broken up into three parts:

  • CUFP Tutorials on Friday October 1st. This is really the descendent of last year’s DEFUN workshop. The tutorials were picked carefully, both for the interest of the topic and the quality of the teacher.
  • CUFP Talks on Saturday October 2nd. Having been involved for a few years now, I really think it’s an unusually strong group of talks. I would be pretty happy if we had a schedule populated with the best of the talks that we rejected, much less the ones that we ended up accepting.
  • CUFP BOFs on the evenings of Thursday and Friday (Sep 30th and Oct 1). I’m really looking forward to these. These BOFs are still being organized, so you should follow the link and see if you have ideas to contribute. The BOFs should hopefully attract people from outside the usual CUFP audience, and we’re hoping it will be a good way for FP developers to get together, talk about issues important to the various and sundry FP communities, and really get some work done.

    So, if you’re interested, register here. Note that CUFP is being run as part of ICFP and the family of related workshops, so you go through the same registration process.

See you in Baltimore!